ESRA was founded in 2012 by Nicolas Husson and Frederic Joseph.

Both thought there was something missing in the European SimRacing scene.. and that was an “official” European SimRacing championship. They created ESRA with a free bulletin board and began to talk about it on the different European forums. As iRacing was at that time nearly the only simulation worth mentioning (rFactor was slowly dying), it all started with iRacing and the Australian Ford V8.

That first championship was very successful with more than 50 drivers registered !! I was starting in a very nice way for ESRA !

As more and more people came to ESRA we decided to switch to a brand new forum very quick and it was a good move… many more drivers joined us and we quickly decided to move forward and create some other side championships, like Lotus 79 and Star Mazda mini series..

But as always, time was missing and we decided to focus on only one championship at a time.
It was the right decision and the other championships where very successful too : Riley championship and Star Mazda were very crowded.

We even secured a deal with Glacier TV and they transmit the Riley series live !

After those series, Humbert Valoura came into the admin team and started testing ballast on the GT3 cars.. the GT Omega Master series was born !! it was a very huge success in 2014 and even bigger success in 2015 with nearly 100 drivers registered !

At this point, Fred was in contact with Assetto Corsa développement team and decided it was about time to create an Assetto Corsa championship.. Three series were held, 2 GT3 championship and a M3 E30 championship ! Both series were very successful but the admin team was very small at that time and that point, people left the team for (good) different reasons.

Fred decided it was about time to take a break from organizing Sim Racing Championships and he closed ESRA’s forum.. for good ?

In 2016 Fred joined the GTrs Team and decided, with the BIG help of Emmanuel Suter and Lucas Michel, to start ESRA all over again with the ESRA GTrs series. This series was very special for some aspect but the main difference with existing championship was the budget management. See the ESRA GTrs Series page (soon) for more information.

Now Fred have started a new project in collaboration with JCL Simracing and is slowly promoting their products..  see the shop !!